Factor Kites

Pacific Northwest Based Art and Design

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Turning more than six years of a passion into a lifestyle

Miranda Crowell’s first camera was a Polaroid One-step Express, Forest-green, in 2001. Since then, she’s used a lifetime of point and shoot cameras before migrating to a mirror-less set up and finally finding a home among Nikon’s DSLRs.
Will Seble got his start in photo and video editing and picked up web and graphic design through his degree in New Media.

Together, we are Factor Kites.


Web Design

Bootstrap 3.3.7, HTML5/CSS3, Drupal and Wordpress. More examples in forthcoming portfolio.


Nikon D7200 and D3400, with f1.8/35mm, 18-55mm, and 70-300mm glass

Graphics and Iconography

Design in Photoshop and Illustrator, delivered as PDF, transparent PNG, and JPG.

Photography Styles


Never afraid of adventure, Factor Kites has been finding beauty in everyday things from national parks to international coast lines, from pristine snow to wild jungle since 2013. Self-taught, but traditionally inspired, Factor Kites is locally-grown in the Pacific Northwest and always ready for travel.

Couples Shoots

From Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine - Factor Kites is ready to hit the road to travel to your special event, big or small.

Product Photography

Whether your business is selling taxidermy crafts on Etsy or produce on a neighborhood farm stand, Factor Kites will help you boost your online presence with stunning images that reflect your product and style.